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Handmade Porcelain Dish (Arakawa) + Brass Ball Incense Holder

Handmade Porcelain Dish (Arakawa):
Arakawa Pottery is a custom handmade pottery manufacturer based in San Jose, CA. As a small local manufacturer, thety collaborate with their local retailers to design and cxustomize our thier pottewry to fit thier cutomers' lifestyle and needs.

Diameter (in.) : 3.75" x 3.75"
Height (in.) : 0.5"
Origin: Made in USA

Brass Ball Incense Holder :
Simplicity at its best! This holder is two pieces; the ball and a stand. Both are solid machined brass. You may rotate the ball to change the angle of your incense stick. There are two different sized holes on opposite sides of the ball, so you may burn slim, or thicker, sticks. If you accidentally wedge a stick in the hole, a simple paperclip may be inserted from the other side to push it out.

Size: 5/8 inch diameter
Orgin : Made in Japan

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