Pocketan Lavender Tanka Sticks

Daihatsu has packaged their more popular scents into a small convenient flip-top box, known as Pocket-Tanka, or Poketan for short. Tanka in Japanese means "beautiful flower".

The shorter 80 mm (3-1/8") stick length is perfect because the fragrance is rich, and a longer stick is not needed. Yet each box comes with approximately 150 sticks (30 gm. weight), making this an excellent value.

The fresh, elegant smell of Sweet Lavender is reputed in Japan for its relaxation qualities.

Main Ingredients: Lavender
Quantity: approx. 150 sticks
Weight: approx. 30 gm.
Burn Time: approx. 12 min
Company: Daihatsu

Also available in Cones:
Pocketan Lavender Tanka Cones $16.00

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