Pocketan Tanka Lilac Sticks

Daihatsu has packaged their more popular scents into a small convenient flip-top box, known as Pocket-Tanka, or Poketan for short. Tanka in Japanese means "beautiful flower".

The shorter 80 mm (3-1/8") stick length is perfect because the fragrance is rich, and a longer stick is not needed. Yet each box comes with approximately 150 sticks (30 gm. weight), making this an excellent value.

A fresh Lilac scent will induce a feeling of hapiness.

Main Ingredients: Lilac
Quantity: approx. 150 sticks
Weight: approx. 30 gm.
Burn Time: approx. 12 min
Company: Daihatsu

Also available in Cones:
Pocketan Tanka Lilac Cones $16.00
Tanka Lilac Long $13.50

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