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Ikuhokoh  Aloeswood Blend

This is an ethereal fragrance created by the exquisite combination of the highest quality Vietnamese Siamese agarwood as the main ingredient and more than ten kinds of Chinese medicinal fragrances such as sandalwood and musk.
When you open the lid, you will find a unique aroma of herbal medicine with a slightly salty taste. When you burn it, the sweetness of the kyara is enhanced and the profound fragrance spreads. Ikuhokou " by Kida Jinseido, which has a soft impression, has a classic fragrance and is recommended for those who want a certain amount of strong fragrance in a large space, in the main hall of a temple, or for those who are accustomed to listening to incense.

Main Ingredients : Vietnamese Aloeswood, Musk
Length : 5.5"
Quantity : approx. 140 Sticks
Approx. Burn Time : 25 minutes 
Company : Kida Jinseido

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