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The upper smell of "Jyoyokoh" is refreshing with the sweet and slightly sour aroma of Herbal medicines. When lit, the sweetness of Aloeswood (Agarwood) and sandalwood is strong, but the pungency and saltiness are also faintly felt, and the classical fragrance spreads firmly. Mellow Aloeswood (Agarwood), refreshing sandalwood, and several kinds of Herbal medicinal herbs bring the fragrance together to create a rich and refreshing world of fragrance. 

Main Ingredients : Sandalwood, Aloeswood, Others
Length : 5.5"
Quantity : app. 90 Sticks
Approx. Burn Time : approx. 25 minutes 
Company : Kida Jinseido

Also available in:
Kingyyokukoh Aloeswood Blend Flat Box

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