Click to enlargeKunjudo Karin 8 Sampler  

You can try 8 kinds of fragrances of "Karin" series, "Shiryuki" and "Sandalwood Shiryuki".
it comes 2 sticks each (From Left to Right)   

1. Korin - a modern and gentle scent of sandalwood
2. Tokusen Karin - The sweet and elegant Japanese aroma of sandalwood
3. Togetsu - A graceful scent of Aleswood Blends
4. Kifune - Elegant fragrance based on Aloeswood and Sandalwood
5. Hien - Aroma of fragrant wood with a sense of dignity and splendor
6. Zuitou - Elegant and distinguished aroma of Siam Aloeswood
7. Hakusetsu: Sweet and soft fragrance based on Sandalwood
8. Sandalwood Shirayuki - Luxurious scent of natural Sandalwood

Also availabl in:

Tokusen Karin
Shirayukk (Not Available)
Sandalwood Shirayuki

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