Limited Version - Tokusen Kyara Tenpyo (5 sticks)

This is the highest quality of Kyara incense by Kunmiedo, it is a limited version.
Kunmeido was not able to find the same high quality Kyara Ingredient, so rather than use a lower quality, they chose to discontinue this incense. Once this is sold, there is no more. We split a box into separate 5-stick tubes so more people could enjoy this treasure before it is gone. You can also purchase the full box, by following the link below.

Main Ingredients : Kyara
Length : 5.5"
Quantity : 5 sticks
Burn Time : approx. 45min. per stick
Company : Kunmeido

Also available in:
Tokusen Kyara Tenpyo 35 sticks $350.00

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