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Fudo Myo Red - White Plum + 1 Japanese style Candle  
A Kyoto incense stick with an elegant scent, like the sound of music, which is a mixture of the scents of sandalwood and white plum, which are natural scents. 

Fudo Myoo is an incarnation of Dainichi Nyorai, and has been worshiped by people since ancient times as an "unwavering guardian" who wishes for the salvation of us and sentient beings. Currently, it is familiar to people under the name of "Fudo-san" and can be said to be the closest to us. Due to the merit of Fudo Myoo, we have adjusted three kinds of Kyoto incense sticks as Fudo incense. Our proud Kyoto incense stick that uses the finest natural incense sticks luxuriously. "Fudo Kasei (Kyara)" is a Kyoto incense stick with a luxurious and profound scent that uses the Kara of natural agarwood luxuriously.

  Ingredient : Sandalwood
Candle Size :  4.13" 
Burning time :  20-25 min.

Also available in:
Fudo Myo Blue - Kyara
Fudo Myo Yellow - Sandalwood

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