Kneaded Incense - Zaun (0.70 oz / 20 g) - "Urasenke - Zabousaii Sosho Gonomi (16th grand tea master)"

Kyukyodo's Kneaded Incense - known in Japan as Nerikoh - is blended in perfect proportions from premium raw aromatics, kneaded with honey and apricot, and finally allowed to mature for a length of time. A delectable, earthy fragrance is the result.

Use with charcoal and a mica plate, or with one of our wood chip heaters.

  • 1 box of kneaded incense, 0.70 oz / 20 g
  • Aromatic woods, herbs, spices, agarwood (aloeswood)
  • Use with Mica Plate, White Ash, and Square Charcoal A or Square Charcoal B

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