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Palo Santo, 3, 21 Sticks

Koyasan use only natural incense ingredients. "Palo Santo" is said to be a "tree that brings happiness." In the old days of the Inca Empire, it was called the "God's Tree" and was used for amulets and worship. The sweet and fragrant scent is said to have a calming effect and is very popular as a healing product. Please enjoy the scent of "Palo Santo, a tree that brings happiness" that has been passed down since ancient times.

Length : app. 5"
Quntity : 40 sticks
Burn Time : app. 30 min.
Company : Koyasan Daishido

Also available in:

Palo Santo, 3", 20 sticks 
Palo Santo,3", 180 sticks 

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