Click to enlargeSolitude / Hitori-Shizuka - Musky Bouquet - Less Smoke

Hitori-Shizuka means being alone with your thoughts. This metallic burgundy and grey box with silver trim makes an elegant gift, or looks great on your shelf. Seikado has combined a high-quality sandalwood with a secret, delicate and musky floral scent that has a way of evoking pleasant old memories. You soon have a feeling of power, energy, and well-being. Like the other two solitude incenses, it will allow you to enter a state of solitude and help you focus during your meditation.

Main Ingredients: Sandalwood, musk scents
Length: approx. 5.5"
Quantity: 100 sticks or more
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company: Seikado

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