Kakuwari Square Incense - Assortment
Kakuwari Square Incense" is a new concept that incorporates both the tradition and future of incense. Seikado used abundantly rare and difficult-to-obtain agarwood, traditional agarwood, or sandalwood, to create three new incenses. They handmade each one with heart to make it look like a traditional square chip. This makes it easy to deliver the supreme incense without the need for sticks or cones.
A non-combustible burning mat is included. Please place it on a plate when burning incense.

Kakuwari Square Incense - Assortment
Main ingredients : Sandalwood 3 pcs, Tani (Indonesia) Aloeswood 3 pcs,  Sham (Vietnam) Aloeswood 3 pcs and Kyara (Vietnam) 3 pcs 
Weight : 04 g / 0.014 once
Quantity : 12 pc. 
Burning time : 8 min.

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