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Myōshin-ji Temple, Ryugin 3 Scents Set

 (妙心寺Myōshin-ji) is a temple complex in KyotoJapan, and head temple of the associated branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. The Myōshin-ji school is by far the largest school in Rinzai Zen, approximately as big as the other thirteen branches combined: it contains within it about 3,400 temples throughout Japan,[1] together with a handful overseas, of the approximately six thousand total Rinzai temples, and also has nineteen associated monasteries, of the total of forty monasteries and one nunnery.

Main Ingredients:
Length: 5.25"
Quantity: Myoshin (app. 40 sticks), Hanzono no kaori (app. 40 sticks) and Shobou (app. 40 sticks)
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company : Shoyeido

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