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Propolis Incense

The Propolis contained in Tennendo's incense is a completely natural product, and its origin is quite surprising. Honeybees specifically seek out pine trees, cottonwoods and aspens with a wound that causes resins to leak from the tree. The tree produces this resin to seal the wound. The resin is also found on some of the leaf buds in spring.

The bees collect the resin and chew it, taking it back to the beehive. The final product (propolis) is used as a "caulk" to seal the outside of the honeycomb. It's harvested by scraping off the surface of the honeycomb or sides of the beehive.

Propolis has a warm, intoxicating scent that can be described as "balsamic". While there is not a smell of honey, it's a good smell that is both strong and resinous, and often enjoyed by those who prefer Kyara incenses.

Propolis' other uses are for treating allergies and toothaches and it is reputed to be antibacterial as well as anti fungal.

Main Ingredients: Propolis
Length: 2.75"
Quantity: app. 125 sticks
Burn Time: app. 15 min.
Company: Tennendo

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