Click to enlargeTraial Pack - Karaku, 3 sticks each 

There is a trial set of a series of incense sticks recommended for daily use. This set contains four varieties from the 'Karaku' series.
The trial Set comes 4 kinds of fragranes with 3 sticks each. (From Right to Left)  

1. Aloeswood Karaku
This is made from Aloeswood and gives off a composed and profound scent.

2. Sandalwood Karaku
Sandalwood Karaku is made from fine sandalwood and gives off a light and refreshing scent.

3. Seifu Karaku  
Seifu Karaku has Sandalwood-based scent which gives powdery and fresh impression.  
4. Shoren Karaku  
Shoren Karaku has Sandalwood-based scent with a pleasant fresh and sweet note which gives the impression of blue lotus flowers.

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