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Reiryo koh (Aloeswood) - Long Box

This incense uses abundant Chinese medicine ingredients plus Aloeswood. It is a smell that reminds you of the incense sticks from old times. The spices and medicines are similar to those found in their Reiryo Koh Sandalwood incense.

Main Ingredients : Aloeswood, Clove, Foenun Graecum, Patchouli, Tarmelic/Turmetic, Borneol Camphor.
Length : 10"
Quantity : 100 sticks or more
Burn Time : approx. 30 min.

Also available in:
Reiryo koh (Aloeswood) 80 stick Box $19.00
Reiryo koh (Aloeswood) 250 stick Box $36.00

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